September 29, 2011

No Gold Star for Gold’s

Recently I had a weird, semi-angry, totally awkward Twitter exchange with someone that left me promising I’d never make fun of anyone else on my blog except for myself. 

And then I received this in the mail:


This is a letter I received from a sales guy at Gold’s gym.  I went ahead and highlighted the glaring grammatical errors for easy reading.

If I indeed was supposed to be on a TRAIL for the last 30 days, then I heinously misunderstood what I was getting in to.  This whole time I thought it was a trial! 

Other obvious observations: It’s well, not good.  You’re not your.  And GONNA!?  Really Reggie?  Really?  On a work note?!

Well if they didn’t hook me with their in-gym meatballs, they certainly aren’t going to keep me with their letter writing skills.

At least he spelled his name right…

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