September 29, 2011

Moving Still

Guess what! I’m moving. Well kind of. Ok not really. I was supposed to close on a house today and move this weekend. But that is so not happening. In worst-timing-ever news, the owner of the house we are buying got in a bike accident and is now in the hospital with a punctured lung and broken ribs.

This sucks for several reasons. 1) He punctured his lung and broke some ribs. That is never good. 2) None of the repairs we requested were done on the house we wanted to buy before said accident. 3) They might not be done for months because the person doing them was the owner (aka, the person in the hospital).

I don’t want to be selfish here, but wtf are the chances!? Now I seriously have no idea when/if we can move into this house.

I do know one thing though. If I ever get a moving truck again, I’m NEVER using Budget rental vans.

When I moved out of my apartment in Washington, DC I was allowed exactly 2 hours to use the freight elevator and loading dock. My time frame was from 9-11am.

I got up early with my boyfriend, went to the address listed on my rental truck reservation ready to get my move on, and subsequently shat my pants when I got there and saw that the address was an abandoned building. I just knew this was not going to be “my day”.

I called Budget and informed them that this reservation they confirmed was to a place that did not exist. They referred me to another location in the even more ghetto part of DC. I got to location #2 only to discover that it is just a trailer in a shitty parking lot with one truck to be seen – a 16-wheeler with a missing side-view mirror. That confirmed all suspicions that today was going to suck ass.

I go inside the trailer, tell the man in charge that I desperately need a truck ASAP because I have no time to waste (mind you this was nearing 9am by this point), and the company already screwed me over once. Even the busted ass truck in the parking lot was not available. He kindly referred me to the nearest Budget dealer in Leesburg, VA. I kindly burst into tears.

I’d never been to Leesburg before, but I can now tell you that it’s about 45 minutes from DC. Just enough time to totally miss the window in which I was allowed to move. The trip was made even longer by the fact that my boyfriend didn’t bring his cell phone and didn’t have GPS, so I had to go 25 mph all the way back to DC so he could follow me, while ensuring that I stayed in the 1 inch peripheral that he could see out of the sides of the giant rental truck.

The rest of the day was filled with me begging perfect strangers to let me hop on the freight elevator with them…and my couch; having a new tenant move in my apartment while I was still trying to move out; then also moving my boyfriend into the truck out of his apartment, which consisted of a shit ton of trash bags and me eating lots of Peruvian chicken while pouting on his velour couch.

The moral of the story is this: Use Two Men and a Truck. I used them when I moved from Chapel Hill and it was the best money that I my husband’s new company ever spent. They were right on time (nay, early), did not complain one single time or threaten to kill my husband (which is what I usually do when I move), were incredibly nice and polite, and even told my mom we looked like sisters.

I think if we ever do move into this house in question in Wilmington, we will just move ourselves. But I would sacrifice a year’s worth of manicures and pedicures if it meant I could use Two Men and Truck again. You best believe that customer satisfaction survey was filled with nothing but accolades and gold stars.

Until then…mom and dad, you’re running low on wine at the beach house. Time to come back stock up :) ...Surely I jest?!

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