September 01, 2011

Mrs. Awkward

Changing your name when you get married is so weird. I am definitely still trying to get used to it. I always feel like I have to explain myself when I meet someone that knows my parents or family, but don’t know that I’m related to them. Like, “I’m Jane Dear. I used to be Jane Doe. You might know my parents, John and Jane Doe. So basically I’m Jane Doe Dear. Part of the Doe family.” Oops, I’ve said too much.

That might make little sense, but basically I just live in an area where some people know my extended family and I feel the need to inform people that I am part of a real family, and not a random solitary transplant from planet “OH MY GOD I'M AWKWARD.”

The first time I felt really stupid about it was when I went with my parents and sister to my dad’s boarding school for a reunion sort of thing right after I got married. Everyone was John Doe, Jane Doe, and Sister Doe, and then here comes random ol’ me with this unmatched last name out of nowhere (My husband wasn’t there, to make matters me more awkward). Then I ended up sounding like a baby explaining like, “That’s my dad, and my mom, and my sister.” Like maybe I was reminding myself of my family tree because I’m so “simple” that I might get lost later and need someone to call my parents.

It didn’t help that I was wearing a blazer that made me look like the manager of a local Hampton Inn. People probably thought I crashed the party and was soliciting hospitality services.

I love my husband, adore his family, and feel like a confident, capable person with my new name. But I’m still thinking that a strong hyphen might have added to my ability to socialize.

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  1. Wait - Grant did NOT come to that function? Just to clarify, he did NOT come. Right? It's the whole family, plus Cal, but NOT Grant? ok I think I got it.