September 07, 2011


Recently I decided to sign up for a 30-day risk free trial at the Gold’s Gym near my house. Since I won’t be living there forever (God willing), I didn’t want to get forced into some 6-year gym contract, so this seemed like a good alternative to either signing away my life or walking the same 4ish mile path for the 600th time outside.

I have always heard that Gold’s Gym is a pretty hardcore gym for weight lifters and meat heads. And now I know I heard right.

I think I am the only patron in there that doesn’t have 6 pack abs and/or arm muscles the size of the average thigh. That being said, when I walked in there last week with my book in hand, ready to sit back on the bike and pedal for a bit, I got some really disapproving stares. Not only was I not wearing weight lifting gloves or carrying around literature about muscle mass and cardio intervals, I was reading the popular tween trilogy Catching Fire. So not physically fit.

I am enjoying my brief stint at Gold’s Gym, but whenever my trial is up I think I might have to go back to walking at a steady 15-minute mile pace on a flat concrete road. The only other athletes I pass there are pre-teens and senior citizens on their Beach Cruisers. They are really more on my fitness level.

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