February 10, 2011

Love is waaaaay up in the air

This is really a cute Valentine's Day present I think :) And definitely unique.

Living Social: Name a star after the one you love!

If you want to really show that special someone that they send you to the moon, and if you have a small budget to work with, why don't you consider naming a star after him or her?!

Call me a simpleton, but I would seriously be so cuted out if my husband ever thought of something that creative. Instead, I'm 99% sure he will not even remember the holiday. Even though I'm making him red velvet cake brownies. Even though it is the 6 year anniversary of us meeting for the first time!

Last year he gave me a box of chocolates. I was shocked at the gesture because he does not do stuff like that, ever. It was so sweet! He bought them all by himself he said!

Then I found the post-it note stuck on the side of the trash can that said, "G, give this to M on Valentine's Day. Love, Mom!" BUSTED!

I'm def not going to remind him of the holiday and see if he does anything. I'll report back Monday. ;)

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