February 04, 2011

A little less conversation, A little more coffee

This morning I found an unexpected way to get more for your money while also dangerously increasing your caffeine intake!

We went to Panera this morning because we were indeed out of coffee. I guess the magic fairies had the night off ;)

I ordered a medium hazelnut coffee, but asked for a plastic cup to go with it because I wanted to make it ice coffee. Well by the time I poured my coffee in the iced cup (self-serve situation), it was totally an X-Large.

So not only did I get more than what I paid for, I did it semi-honestly because they are the ones that gave me the giant cup in the first place.

And I also have MORE than enough energy to make it through this day because this is by far the most amount of coffee I've ever had!

Thank goodness Friday decided to show up! Now here's hoping that my heart doesn't explode before the day ends!

*Note: I hope you are reading this with as much spastic energy as I put into, because I am straight up JAZZED on caffeine. :D

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