February 03, 2011

Product Review - Arctic Zone Frozen Dessert

Usually my product reviews are either about a new product I love, or one that I loathe.

Today finds us somewhere in between.

Meet my new frenemy Arctic Zone "Frozen Dessert".

The funny thing about this "Frozen Dessert" isn't that it's Gluten Free (whatever that means). It's that the entire pint has only 150 calories. That's right. Instead of the 800+ of a Ben and Jerry's pint, this has only 150. (The picture above is not of a flavor that I sampled, I just can't find a big one of Cookies and Cream = the YUM).

I am pretty sure it also has zero grams of fat, very few carbs, and a significant amount of protein. But don't quote me on those last facts b/c I sadly don't have the carton in front of me.

That's the good news.

Obviously there is a reason it is only 150 calories. And that reason is...well I just can't put my finger on it.

I first tried the Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavor. I was going to tell you guys that it wasn't too awful, but was basically just a bowl-filling means to some better toppings.

Then I tried the Cookies and Cream. And it's pretty good! Don't get this expecting big chunks of cookies, b/c they ain't in there. In fact, don't get this at all if you are an ice cream snob.

But do soooo get this if you just want a sweet treat sometimes and you don't have a lot of self control about how many servings you limit yourself to.

It's basically a mediocre ice cream-like treat for girls with food issues. Enter: Mamacita.

I purchased mine both times at Whole Foods. I don't really see this concoction going mainstream, so I'd check there if you want to try it!

Tell them Mamacita sent you. You won't get a discount but they will look at you like you cray cray!!


  1. I like the Maple-Vanilla. I mix it with plain cocoa and it's delish. It reminds me of ice milk which is what I grew up on.

  2. I tried the coffee...I agree with the poster above...reminds me of ice milk. Kind of a flavor you just grab a bite of...not a bowl. I will try the cookies and cream and heard the brownie is good. our locally owned grocer sells it here

  3. Mint chocolate cookie is amazing. Way flavorful, tastes like a thin mint girl scout cookie, and totally guilt free. I actually think this WILL be a mainstream product in not too long.

  4. I tried the maple vanilla with a half blended in frozen banana in it - very yummy. Also tried with a little Hershey's chocolate syrup. This stuff is good and it is mostly whey protein. I liked it post workout.

  5. We tried the chocolate peanut butter and the mint chocolate chip yesterday. We were skeptical, but to my surprise it was very good. The texture of the mint chocolate chip was far creamier than the choc. peanut butter. Not sure if it was just that batch and was much better after leaving it our for a few minutes before scooping. We purchased ours at Fruitful Yields.

  6. I bought some today from Publix. The chocolate flavor is amazing. A very healthy alternative when you need an icecream fix. I am on a church daniel fast and it has been hard giving up high fat/sugary foods, but I found amazing foods like PB2 (45 CALORIES PER 2 TSB VS. 200 CALORIES, Soychips, this ice cream, 12 calorie whole wheat crackers,boca veggie burgers, tofu noodles, etc. The healthy life is great when you find foods like these. P.S. Nuts dont make you gain weight. I eat buckets full...i just end up maintaining.

    1. "It's basically a mediocre ice cream-like treat for girls with food issues." Srsly? I, too, tried the Purely Ch, from Publix, on sale. Delish, and, yes, like the ice milk that used to be very common back in the Fred Flintstone marts I grew up in...Signed, Sophisticated Palate that got back bad lab work. Thanks for caring.

  7. I don't love the Artic Zone ice cream flavors I've tried but they just came out with an ice cream pop covered with dark chocolate. All the flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and orange cream ) are awesome. The dark chocolate coating someone offsets the odd taste and the ice cream and it somehow just works. The pops each have 85 calories.

  8. Pumpkin spice is very good. Maple vanilla by far the best. Did not care for cookies and cream....at all!