February 04, 2011

@InaGarten in my dreams

After recently proclaiming to my sister and husband, "That's it! The Internet is over!" my sister encouraged me to start getting more into Twitter.

Of course I obliged because she is wise, and because I think I really had reached the end of the World Wide Web, at least as it pertains to things that I give a crap about (i.e., Mariah Carey, divas, recipes, and restaurants).

So I started following some randos, like Huffington Post, People Magazine, Giada DeLaurantis.

And I got to thinking, how funny/predictable Ina Garten's tweets would be if she was on Twitter.

@InaGarten I just got the best deal on a bunch of monochromatic Button Up Shirts. Size XXL and still growing!

@Ina Garten Jeffrey just got home from his mysterious job far, far away! Roast chicken for everyone!

@InaGarten I just experimented using "really bad" dijon mustard instead of "really good" dijon mustard. Living life on the edge - Hamptons Style bitches!

Love you Ina!

*No lie, if you Google Image Ina Garten, she is wearing a one-tone button up shirt in every single picture. The lady loves her buttons! And she sure ain't scurred of denim!

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