February 28, 2011

Political Strife in Octave C

What's one thing that is arguably worse than blood diamonds?

Blood ballads!

According to my Google alerts, and this article, Mariah received $1million to perform a mere 4 songs for Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi's son.

This is pretty inexcusable. Not just because of the unethical and political implications, but also because you know Mariah Carey is not that desparate for $1million. She was named one of entertainment's 20 richest woman in 2007 and has more stilettos than Jimmy Choo himself.

She must have forgotten to read her daily diva mantra that day. You know the one? "It is not diva to perform for evil dictators."

While I may not be an expert on politics, I am an expert on Mariah Carey. So I can't tell you what the future holds for Libya, but I can tell you that my guess as to the 4 songs that could be worth a quarter of a million dollars a pop are as follows:

1) We Belong Together
2) Hero
3) Dream Lover
4) Vision of Love

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