February 02, 2011

Diveats - Warm Goat Cheese Salad...meh

Last night, inspired by one of my favorite restaurants in DC called Bistro Du Coin, I attempted to make a warm goat cheese salad using this recipe.

I say attempted, because I failed.

All of the breadcrumbs fell off of the cheese balls, the cheese balls were too big, and now I'm stuck with this leftover crap for lunch today.

But you can't knock a girl for trying! Oui?!

Some meals are just better left to restaurant chefs. Good thing I'm going to DC in a couple of weekends to get the real thing!

And I will give a dollar to anyone who can recognize that book in the background. Mom, you don't count because you lent it to me.
Keep cooking divas!


  1. the little prince! you can paypal the dollar.

  2. I can kind of see the resemblance

    But still no.

  3. Norman Rockwell's self portrait...says the artist Betty????