December 14, 2010

Ho Ho Ho-bag

I really want to be able to participate in my office's "tacky Christmas sweater" party this Friday, but all of that clothing is so expensive.

I went seeking heinousness yesterday and all of the good sweaters and shirts were upwards of $35.00. Nevermind the ones that incorporated various animal prints. Those were around $50!!! That is just too much to pay for a one-time-wear in my poor person opinion.

However, as I was browsing I also found this sexy little number above.

Can you even imagine how that would go over at a workplace function?

I say forget being the sexy nurse, the slutty cop, and the whorey kangaroo for Halloween. The new "it" thing for dressing up should be to play the role of the holiday office ho-bag.

You may lose all respect, and most likely your job, but damnit if people won't remember you for years to come! That's more than a lot of people can say for their workplace.

I suggest even wearing it with regular work slacks, so people will think you actually might be serious.
Life is just so much more entertaining with a giant pink elephant in the room!

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