December 19, 2010

Speaking of germs...

I also went with my parents to Southern Season today. It's a wonderful everything-in-the-kitchen-world store that has pots, pans, food, and free samples.

Well divas, sad news. I shall framp no more! Despite my intense passion for free samples, I saw something today that killed framps for me forever.

In all of the framps with crackers, cheese straws, crumblies, etc., there was a pair of tongs to pickup your individual sample with. Unfortunately, random kid A did not get that memo.

I kid you not, kid A picked up (multiple times) the tongs, used them to pick up the sample in question, and then proceeded to put the entire set of tongs into his mouth with the free sample. Omg. I just quiver at the thought of how many times this has unknowingly happened to something that I've framped hours after the dirty kid licked the hypothetical tongs.

Ewwwwww! If indeed I don't get the swine flu from the sweaty lunch beast below, I"m definitely going to get some sort of airborne virus from the chain of unknowing kid-lickage from kid A.

I'm not a germaphobe at all, but I'll definitely think once, twice, three times a lady before I ever take a free sample again!

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