December 17, 2010

3 cheers, 3 feet

Do you ever feel like your life is a video game?

That's how I've always felt in Chapel Hill with all of the students, bikes, homeless people, drunk kids, bike races, crazy weather, etc. Everything always happens so fast and whizzes by, a la Mario Kart.

Well last night I just reached a new level in the game.

For starters, I went to a bar that served $4.25 PITCHERS of Genny Light. Have you ever heard of a better deal!?
Then all of a sudden, Karaoke starts. The first person on the mike, who as far as I can tell came alone, sang a Christian rock song. Whomp whomp.
Then a little old lady walked in rocking a pimp cane, by the side of her man, who looked like a toothless Santa Claus.
This was really strange to begin with because she seriously was about 3 feet tall but pounding a beer, tapping her cane to the beat, and seemingly having a normal/good time.
Until she came up to my friend and started basically speaking in another language! Not like Spanish. More like Klingon? I wish so badly that I knew what she was saying because at one point I think she actually asked to have her picture taken?!
No one could say for sure, but it was unusual!
Anywho divas, I'm off to a staff meeting for the "better" part of the day so have a jolly good weekend if I'm not back before 5!


  1. OMG! That is Sue and Wolf! They are regulars at Braileys and some other bars around town! Did she sing "Proud Mary"?

  2. Hahaha oh my gosh! That is hilarious that you know who they are. They didn't sing while I was there sadly. I would have loved to hear them belt it out. I hope I run into them again soon!

  3. I know them because I use to go to alot of karaoke nights with my boyfriend and we follow the same DJ as Sue and Wolf does. They are usually at Brailey's in Durham on Monday nights. You HAVE to see her do "Proud Mary". I lost it one night because their were some black girls behind her doing the Tina Turner dance while Sue "sang".

  4. It just so happens that Proud Mary is my favorite song to dance to ever. I have got to see this!