March 11, 2010

Warning: This is offensive

I wasn't going to post about this because I try to keep it classy on the blog, and because most of you have already seen it.

But after really going through this list with a fine toothed comb, I couldn't resist.

The ones that really strike me are:

#68 - Protecting their store b's - Why you gotta hate on a lady for wanting to protect her store? Someone has to be on the lookout for the mugging b*tche$! (#81)

#85 - Uncreative b's - Really? Creativity is one of your standards? I guess the only thing worse than a "skanickisy" b. (#80) is one who can't come up with a good limerick on the fly.

I am sad for this 3rd grader and for his future. I am also sad that #44-58 are somehow missing because I couldn't even think of one more thing to add to this list, let alone 14.

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