March 26, 2010

An ode to food

If I could have turned back time and pioneered two things, I would choose the following two things, without hesitation:

1) The combination of sweet and savory.

There is nothing that pleases my tastebuds more than a good yogurt covered pretzel. Even the after-crumbs in your teeth give you a delicious salty zing to your tongue, letting you know that you're alive, and that you just had a great snack.

2) The initial opening of a pineapple. I am so curious to know who the first person was who saw that and said, "That looks friendly, let's dig into that."

But, alas, whoever did discovered the most juicy fruit on Earth. God's gift to the tropics, if you will.

So far all I've invented is this life-changing blog and my own receipt for oatmeal bars.

But stay tuned, I'm still young!

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