March 04, 2010

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I currently have 16 tubs of regular and jalepeno pimento cheese in my refrigerator, accompanied by 2 giant bags of wheat thins.

I also live with a guy. And, to date, I've never seen him so interested in any food I've ever brought home. Aah, the forbidden fruit.

This is the stuff I am to use this weekend whilst framling, so we can't eat any of it!

So ladies, if you ever want to make a man squirm without doing anything really manipulative, sign up to hand out free samples and then receive the goods 3 days in advance.

Next, add laughter, watch him sweat it out, and enjoy! The recipe is that simple!

(It's also kind of torturous to me too, but since I am set to rake in $80 by dishing out the stuff this weekend, I think I can keep my mouth in my pants...or however that expression would work here.)

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