March 23, 2010

Corny and poorly dressed

Because I love it so, I brought corn on the cob today as my afternoon/lunch snack.

Apparently this is not common workplace behavior.

I haven't gotten this many odd stares since I wore tapered pants and jazz boots to my first day of my first job at 1-800-PackRat.*

*This sentence is based on an unbelievable true story. No facts have been altered.


  1. OMG x2. You brought corn on the cob to work? I've never heard of that before!

    And - you absolutely wore jazz boots on your first day. I will never forget the vision that you were that evening :)

  2. That was bar-none my most shamful fashion choice to date. And that includes a sleeveless button up shirt covered in butterflies that I had in middle school.

  3. 1. When did you work for 1-800-packrat and WHAT did you do for them?

    2. WHY on EARTH do you own tapered pants and jazz "boots"?

    I feel an explanation post may be in your future...

  4. I think that she went shopping with MOB and they decided comfort was the name of the game. While that may be a guiding principle at times in life - it should never allow you get shoes like the infamous jazzboots.

    Normally I try to be poised and not LOL at things that may offend someone but upon seeing those zapatos I couldn't help myself.

    I'm glad they live on on DSW.

  5. Sadly, MOB had nothing to do with it. And even sadder, the shoes were tre expensive. Sometimes people just make bad decisions. I really can't explain it...maybe I was drunk when I went shopping. All I know is the two items were purchased months apart, so I can't really blame it on an impulse decision.

    The bigger travesty is that Nancy didn't take a picture upon seeing me after work that fateful day. T'was a moment to be captured for sure.