March 26, 2010

Diva Rant

Do you ever count down every second until it's Friday, and then when Friday arrives you're like, "Oh crap, my life still isn't interesting."

That happened to me this morning.

Another thing that happened is that I found a fortune cookie and was going to eat it, but then I saw that it had 10 grams of fat in it so I threw it away (b/c for 10 g's I could eat a freaking piece of cake)....

Then, I looked it up online and it says there is no fat in a fortune cookie.

Why would you say there's 10 grams of fat in your cookie if there's none.

That's like me saying I weigh more than I actually weigh, then pursuing a modeling career. Not good business strategy, Fortune Cookie Inc. Call me, I'll help you out.


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