March 12, 2010

Gap Pants Suck

I got a pair a few years ago that were called the "Perfect Pants". And in all fairness, they were for the first wear.

Now, after just one wash, they are still the perfect fit, only now it would be perfect for a giant chubby/tall baby who wears huge diapers.

And the other day I bought some nice cottony/lineny pants that really did fit perfectly. I was elated with my purchase.

Now, one wash and IRON later (I loathe ironing and would never have purchased had I known this was required), I'm sitting here looking like Wrinkles McGee and Frumpy Dumpy had a love child on my legs.

Note to future self, stay away from Gap pants.

I'm just going to go to the Limited from now on when I need work pants and take advantage of the "buy 2, get 6 free" deal they usually have going on over there.


  1. You should try skirts and tights or dark jeans that look nice. I loathe the type of pants you're referring to!

  2. I can't wear jeans to work girl!

  3. Btw, you are the one who convinced me to buy the first pair of "perfect fit" pants!!!


  4. Black jeans - people won't know.

  5. DC Diva in TrainingMarch 15, 2010 at 8:50 AM

    Dear Mamacita,

    This has nothing to do with pants but I just did not know any other way to contact you. It has come to my attention that you are getting married. I am wondering why, in true DIVA fashion you don't have a wedding website? I would like to see one ASAP fully loaded with the proposal story, how you met, perhaps a trivia quiz about you and your hubby to be and of course a photo gallery and some background music. Please brighten my dreary Monday with this addition to the world wide web.


    DC Diva in training