March 02, 2010


Oh March, how bountiful you will be. You will provide the timely home of the following glorious events.

1) My freakin BURFDAY!!!

2) My first time working as a frampler on March 6 and 7! (I’m serving free samples for Augusta’s Pimento Cheese

3) My first ever hairdid and makeup session on March 13. (Dry run for my wedding…what does one do after a midday dry makeup run? Prance about town? Or go home and wash it off?)

4) I FINALLY get a new phone when my contract renews on March 15. I’ve gone a year with no back to my phone, 10 months with no visible screen (cracked), and now I can’t pick it up without it cutting off.

5) The FIRST DAY OF SPRING on March 20! Ooooh happy day! Winter, you are dead to me. Spring, shower me with fresh blooms and the glorious warmth of the sun!!

6) And last and most important, 31 bombass days of being a DIVA.

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