March 08, 2010

Patent Pending

Last night, as I was watching the cursed Academy Awards and gchatting non-stop with my friend in DC, I thought of a brilliant product idea.

A mug or wine glass that has webcam capabilities. So basically you can chat and see another person on video, which is being fed to your drinking device.

Obviously you'd have to plug it in and have Internet access, but can such a thing be that far behind the iPad?

With this invention, you wouldn't ever have to watch awards shows alone, and you'd technically never be drinking alone either!

Sign me up for one of ever flavor!


  1. going to need this asap. it would have made last night even better, diva!

  2. ps-- the code to post my last comment was 'whiterr'....coincidence? I think not.

  3. oh my god. the last one was 'preju'...what is blogger telling me?!

  4. Christ- that one was 'cofin'. I'm going to die if I don't shape up....I'm scared to see what this one is....

  5. it was 'shenerv'.
    i feel better now.

  6. Hahaha, woah. Blogger is very intuitive.