March 09, 2010

Afternoon Non-Delight

A few people have told me recently that a good way to get more reader comments is to end a post with a question.

So please humor me and answer this one for once! Just kidding (not).

Usually I wake up every morning ready to take on the day, eat healthy, work out, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and dream of little lambs and unicorns.

Then, around this time of the day (noonish), after a terribly unsatisfying lunch and the looming deadline of the gym, my dreams start to fade, leaving me wanting to stay up late eating bons bons (I think it's a British delicacy).

So here's the question.

What time do your dreams start to die during the day?

(This probably wasn't the type of question yall had in mind, but after a particularly unappetizing salad, this is what I'm curious about).


  1. 2:30-3 depending on my meeting schedule/what's in the kitchen

  2. Your kitchen? Or the kitchen at work?

  3. I work four to midnight. Dreams die around three thirty as I head to the office.