June 12, 2012


For the past 2 weeks my DVR has tried not to record the Bachelorette, even though I've double-checked that it's setup at least 5 times each Monday.  It's almost like it's trying to tell me that I could be doing better things with my life.  But I don't listen.

I managed to catch the last hour of the show last night, after discovering that Miss DVR was rebelling again.  After a full hour of over-the-top seriousness, hoarse mouse voices, and bunch of gel-heads swearing on their lives that they have Emily's back, I had a revolutionary idea.  Instead of putting a bunch of serious, muscular guys with random jobs like "Mushroom Farmer" in a house to win the love of an almost-widower, why not let a normal girl with a sense of humor go on non-Disney inspired dates with other, regular guys with a sense of humor.  A little laughter never hurt anything, especially TV ratings.

Have you ever heard of the Romantic Comedy?  I hear those do pretty well.  Swap the date where Jef is being instructed on how to drink proper British Tea, and send two people, prone to laughing their asses off, to a bowling alley with pitchers of beer and pizza.  Trust me, that's a real date.  And I can tell you from lots and lots of experience that bowling plus beer = gut busting laughs, even if not an eternal love connection.  Especially if you frequent the ones in Northern Virginia that are inexplicably segregated into blacks and whites.  That's funny stuff people!  ABC take a cue.  Hell, take the idea!  Just don't send a beautiful girl with the personality of a hand towel to Bermuda and tell me it's real love.

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