June 18, 2012

My Face Hurts

Remember when I told you that my sister was getting married.  Well, she did.  And I said zero of the 100+ words I typed up for my speech, in favor of something short and sweet that I pulled out of my @$$ last minute.  I got a lot of brownie points for brevity though, I think.

The weekend was a smashing success filled with lots of fun.  I know this because I now have a light smattering of adult acne, the inability to keep my tired eyes open, and a full semi-circle cut on my entire upper lip from where a revolving door unexpectedly stopped on a dime, while I was in it, mid-sip of a glass of wine.  In hindsight, it was pretty clear that everyone was drunk at this point, because when I went around asking a few people if my face was bleeding, no one even asked me why or hinted that that might be an unusual question.

It turns out I may be getting old, but my oil glands on my face and my ability to stay up way too late are not.  This is not a good combination.

The highlights of the weekend, besides seeing lots of amazing friends and family and my sister marrying a wonderful man, were these three things:

1. The Dusty 45s at the rehearsal dinner - http://www.dusty45s.com/
These guys were AMAZING!  Apparently they are trying to get more clients on the East Coast, so East Coast, hook it up!  They are so unique, so energetic, and everyone in the whole place was dancing until they could dance no more...because the band had to stop.  One of the guys in the band even told me that they toured with Adele on the West Coast earlier this year!!!

This group is always amazing.  In addition to the dapper gentleman pictured on the website, they also had 3 very sassy ladies with them singing and dancing up a storm!  So fun!

3. I found the best new shade of nail polish, at the best walk-in salon I've ever been to.  Five Nail Salon in Greensboro, NC.  No wait, and they even give you neck/back massages mid-manicure!!!  I thought the color was Strawberry Daiquiri by Essie, but I can only find a Peach Daiquiri online so maybe that was it.  I hope I didn't dream it up!

Now, back to reality, back to salads, and back to bed before the AM hours.
What a great weekend!

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