June 13, 2012

Secret Garden Cup

You know how some people have a "secret garden"?  Or at least some girl did in a book a when I was little...
Well I have this secret cup.

It has been sitting on top of the mailbox behind my office for almost a month.  Since I am the only one with security clearance to check the mail (read: bottom of the totem pole), I am the only one who sees this cup.

We have had rain and wind out the wazoo and it's still just perched there like a marble statue.  I'm mystified and even more frightened by how mystified I am.  I guess when you're the person responsible for dropping off and retrieving people's mail, both professional and personal, you have to believe in magic sometimes so that you don't have to face the fact that you're amounting to nothing professionally.  It's the little things.

You know how at baby showers people guess the exact date when the baby will be born?  Well how about we play a game and see who can guess when this cup will finally disappear.

Whoever gets closest or right on the money gets a $25 gift certificate to Olive Garden.  No, really.  I have one that I am dying to give away.

As far as I know it's not filled with cement so it's fair game!

Leave your guesses in the comments :)

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