June 14, 2012


Hark the Sound for Tar Heel asses, being not as fat!

Gumby's has closed!  Check out an article on the closing here

I seriously wish this had happened when I was in college.  Not because I want anyone to go out of business.  Just because it would probably have saved me about 20 of my freshman 30.  That's pounds, btw.  Not number of times I was asked out.

They don't call that XXL Pokey Sticks a DAMNIT for nothing.

If you're desperate for a replacement <s>in this time of need</s> the next time you are drunk or hungover, try the Cheese Sticks from Papa John's.  They as good as, if not better than Pokey Sticks.  AND they come with a garlic butter sauce.  I love it when things automatically come with fatty sides or sauces.  Then you can be like, "Oh, I didn't even order this!"  But you can still eat it because it's there.

College will never be the same.

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