June 28, 2012

Garden Tour

Finally!  After months and months of waiting, we finally have a red tomato.  3 out of 4 of our tomato plants look like they have been destroyed by a flesh eating virus.  This one below though has some promising growth.  Here's hoping they all turn red before they all turn into prey from whatever is eating everything else!

Ever wonder what a squash looks like as it grows??  Here you have it.  A litle finger with a blossom at its root.

I can't wait to eat these!

Fun, related fact: In Indian Princesses (a father-daughter group for young girls) my Indian name was Squash Blossom. I never knew what that name, so beauifully painted on the leather medallion around my 8-year old neck, meant until this very moment!

Meanwhile the cucumbers continue to grow like weeds.  And instead of giving them away as cucumbers or just tossing them, Grant has turned our house into a makeshift pickle factory.  I came home one night from dinner and upon entering the kitchen, my eyes actually watered from the thick layer of apple cider vinegar in the air.  I hope they are good enough to eat.  Because heaven knows we have enough to share!

Oh, also, someone in our house bought Crocs for gardening.  And it wasn't me.

I'm learning so much while continuing to do so little.  It's glorious!

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