June 12, 2012

Dead Decals & Dexter

I don't get it. 

Either this person is rebelling against the institution of family decals (in which case I salute you), or said person is starving his family to death.

Either way, these things cost money.  In which case it's an automatic lose-lose for the owner of the vehicle.

On a semi-related note (dead bodies), Dexter Season 7 comes back on in September and I'm straight freakin' because I don't have Showtime and can't convince my husband that I NEED it for at least 3 months starting in September. 

Does anyone in Wilmington have Showtime and want a friend to watch Dexter with on Sunday nights?!?!  I'll bring popcorn!
Don't worry, you have 3.5 months to decide!

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