April 16, 2012

There's a Hole in My Soul and a Gap in My Nail

In case you were fond of the top part of my fingernail, bad news. Its a goner. I slammed my finger in the door last night and got blood everywhere. And totally panicked and cried. And burned my steak.

Ironically, this was the fingernail I almost lost to a wart back in 2006. Hopefully it will come back for a third life. It has proven to be very resilient, and very prone to accidents. Cooking is dangerous...especially when your smoke alarm is over sensitive and you have to open the door to let smoke out. And very especially if instead of opening the door you just put your finger in it and crush your nail in half.

Also, there's this, which was essentially the pain induced genesis of my whole blog. I needed a platform to complain then and I need one now. This finger has seen a lot of heartbreak its oval shaped life.

This pain, coupled with the fact that I spilled my whole cup of cereal in my car this morning, is likely going to make my Case of the Mondays one of epic proportions.

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