April 05, 2012

Hallway to Hell

This is my new and improved hallway. After a full week of painting, cursing, spilling, and bloody knuckles, I erased one more piece of evidence that our entire house was once a giant multitude of shades of green.

And even though I love the color, and I LOVE the runner I got from OneKingsLane.com, now it kind of looks like an asylum up in here.

That's the funny thing about owning a house. You do one thing, only to realize that you need 10 more hours in a day and 10,000 more dollars in a paycheck to make it look right.

But then reality hits and you realize you are penniless and absolutely exhausted.

And that you've become pseudo-European and taken to eating at 9pm every night because you spent your whole evening shoveling dirt or splattering pant on the ceiling/floor/your face.

Currently accepting donations or recommendations for good artwork on the cheap! That hallway needs some color!


  1. This artist has some really great cheap prints and you can choose the size which is nice!


    Lots of great colors!

  2. Thanks Cara! Those colors are so vibrant in her paintings. I appreciate the great tip :)