April 17, 2012

'Roid 'Ragin in the USA

Have you ever experienced hunger-related grumpiness?

I didn't know I suffered from this affliction until kind of recently. 
I now know, thanks to some delayed honesty, that every time I would get back from the gym after work, hungry and in need of a snack, I was apparently extremely unpleasant.

Grant, presumably trying not to anger the beast, would just try to bear with me until I had fed myself.  Until he finally broke down and asked me if I was taking steroids when I worked out.  Apparently I was that wretched.

Wow.  When you husband has reason to believe that you might be taking performance enhancing drugs just because you're being such a bitch, it might be time to rethink snack time.

Now I eat my yogurt in the late afternoon and am successfully avoiding all suspicions of 'roid rage.

That's what spouses are for - To support you through good, bad, sickness, and health.  And to tell you when you're so awful that you are scaring people.

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