April 01, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - Strawberry Shortcake Fro Yo

Another Greek Yogurt Flavor! Strawberry Shortcake.

Delicious and nutritious? Maybe just delicious. I'm still kind of suspicious of the health benefits of this whole Greek Fro Yo thing.

Nonetheless, this flavor is a treat! It has refreshing Strawberry flavor and yummy chunks of shortbread. The chunks don't necessarily taste like much, but they are fun to bite on. Who doesn't link a good chunk, no matter the situation!?

Btw, I just got wind that Ben and Jerry's is totally overhauling their normal Fro Yo flavors and are only going to be serving the Greek Fro Yo from now on. In addition to the regular ice cream, of course. But big news nonetheless!

If you're a Half Baked head or a Chocolate Brownie Chunk Fro Yo fanatic, go stock up. Your favorite flavors might not be around long!

Back to regularly scheduling full-fat feasting next week.

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