April 11, 2012

Just can't name this one

In the past month, I've heard of a new phenomenon that I am just not on board with - Placentophagy.

"Placentophagy is the act of mammals eating the placenta of their young after childbirth." Oh and if you aren't brave enough to take a big bite of it, you can get it made into yummy capsules too!

Besides not understanding why a person would want to eat part of a bloody sac that came out of their hooha, I also do not understand how these things randomly become sudden cultural trends.
January Jones did it when she had her baby a few months ago. (But she also hasn't revealed the identity of her baby daddy is so I'm not taking tips on how to be normal from her right now). Now I'm reading about it on all kinds of pregnant people's blogs.

Where did this come from? People have been doing pretty well for the past few hundred decades without eating their own organs. Bill Gates has made billions. Steve Jobs changed technology as we know it. Beyonce Runs the World (Girls). All without their mothers or themselves having to eat placentas. Why is this suddenly a hip thing to do? Why do we as humans always feel the need to fix things that aren't broken, all in the name of being "unique" or "holistic"?

Am I crazy for not wanting to be part of this? Have any of you out there eaten your placenta? Does it go well with crackers? J/K, I'm just so confused!

If you are really intrigued, search the Internet for more info. There's a lot of graphic info and pictures out there, but I just can't be the one to bring those mental images into your life.

* In the interest of not posting a placenta as my main picture, I put this cute lil' puppy pic up instead. Enjoy :)

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