April 12, 2012

Oh My Butt Crack

I just came across this monumental new development in the world of fashion, and butt cracks - The total butt-revealing dress. You must check out the pictures.

I am particularly fond of the crushed velvet, purple number. That is just what a curvy lady wants in a dress. Something to accent her saddlebags, her love handles, and her fat ass. Thanks Etsy member Ms. Petrauskiene for making so many girls' dreams come true!

These are clearly just made by a woman, for that same woman, with a major butt-fetish. What Etsy-Shopping, right-minded woman is going to walk around wearing a dress with her entire asscrack exposed?

The answer, surprisingly, isn't no one! According to this article, 11 people have already purchased her dresses. Gag gifts, I'm sure!

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm keeping my derriere under wraps for as long as humanely possible!

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