April 26, 2012

Constantly Crazy

Isn't it always the people craziest for attention and who do the craziest things to get it, who always have the craziest and WORST endings to their stories?

That has certainly been the case in my observations.

Case in point - Thomas Beatie, the "Pregnant Man", is now getting bitterly divorced from his wife, whom he claims is a violent drunk who punched him in the crotch.  Article here.

First of all, "Thomas", let's not forget, you don't have a real penis so getting hit in the crotch is really just stupid more than anything.  It's not going to hurt that bad.

Second of all, why are these people still in the news?  There's no such thing as a pregnant man in the first place.  He/she was just a woman who wanted to be a man all along.  Getting your boobs chopped off and growing out your armpit hair shouldn't make you a national news figure.  If people who are sexually or gender different want to be accepted, AS THEY SHOULD BE!!, then they need to stop trying to get on the news to broadcast their differences.  Be yourself, love yourself, love everyone else, and stay out of the news! 

And finally, why, just because Thomas is a "man" now, does he have to go out and grow the world's most sad, little Mexican goatee?  Hey Tommy B, you can still be a man and have a clean face.  In fact, it's much more debonair.  Facial Hair is not = Manliness when it comes in the form of patchy, fine hairs that don't really connect anywhere.

Final thought - If someone is abusive by nature, they probably won't have a hugely successful relationship.  But if someone who has craved attention throughout her whole marriage and strived to get every detail of it on the news decides to end the relationship, he/she is not likely to go quietly.  In an ideal world, that wouldn't entail punching her former-woman husband in the artificial balls, but as we all know the world is not ideal.

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