April 10, 2012

Kettle One - Me Zero

Yesterday I bought a Kettleball.

Today I almost fell of off the toilet at work because my thighs are so sore I cannot actively engage them.

I bought the Kettleball to try something new and have a form of cardio that didn't involve repetitive grinding of my hip bones at the gym.

Thank HEAVENS that, after reading online that a mere 20 minutes could burn 300 calories, I only attempted 5 minutes. Because I am in some serious pain today.

At least the pain lets me know that it's working!...Or that I'm doing it completely wrong!

Anyone out there have any good Kettleball workouts to suggest? Once I can stand up straight again I'm hopping back on the Kettle Horse! Yeehaw!


  1. I thought this was a post about vodka...

  2. That was the point...Play on words to get the drinkers' attention.