April 12, 2012

Future Love

My 2 year anniversary is in less than 2 months and it has made me think a lot about the future. It's really amazing to think that I will probably be married for about 60 years if I live to be 85ish. And I'm only 2 little years into that time frame. Daunting, isn't it!? Two years is nothing!

That is really crazy to think about! We've already had so much adventure and laughter and learning about each other. And it's only been 2 years! I just wonder how many more times we will make each other laugh, cry, and cry from laughing during the next 60 or so years. And maybe rage out a little bit sometimes too when I get mad. Gotta keep it interesting! (Again, assuming I don't get hit by a truck on my way home today.)

I can't wait to see what we're talking about when we are 70 and my boobs are at my waist and he can't hear because of ear hair interference. I bet it will still be about something epic like who gets the remote or what we are going to have for dinner. So far those are our big hot topics.

Mostly I think it will just be a little of this - http://whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com/post/20768720920/when-my-boyfriend-leaves-for-work

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