October 24, 2011

Situation Normal

Homeowning so far is awesome. And hard. And hilarious.

Remember that time my husband told me I looked like a newspaper?

Well he still says awesome things like that.

We were swimming in the pool this summer and he kind of held me up in the water. That inspired him to tell me that he would carry me across the threshold of our new house...if we could build a moat around the front door so that the water could displace my weight. Needless to say I did not do any further prancing around in my bikini after that swim. But I think he actually meant it in a nice way?

This past weekend I was out of town and left him to tend to a few home improvements in my absence. When I returned I asked him if he hung up the blinds.

His response: "Well, I started working on it and then I hit a SNAFU."

Me: "What was the SNAFU?"

Him: "...I started drinking wine and watching baseball."

Some call that a SNAFU. Some call that a terrible excuse to not do work. I call it hilarious.

Even though we still have nary a blind in our house, he makes me giggle so I can't get too mad.

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