October 03, 2011


The other day when I posted this post about not being able to fall sleep, I got a few funny suggestions of how to solve my problem.

One was to picture myself alone, floating on a raft in some body of water, in complete darkness. This sounds good in principle but didn't work for me because I kept thinking of a shark swimming by me in the dark, popping my raft with its fin, and then eating me in violent bursts. The only thing that terrifies me more than trying to go to sleep is sharks and large bodies of water.

The other suggestion I got was to picture myself alone, in a dark movie theater, waiting for a movie to play, and then nothing ever comes on the screen.

Next thing I knew I was Omar Epps, the token black guy in Scream 2, getting stabbed in the ear through a bathroom stall at the local Cinema. Needless to say, that visualization didn't work either.

Oh well. The suggestions might not have made me sleep but they sure did make me laugh in the end. Keep 'em coming!

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