October 26, 2011

I'm Soo not in love with a stripper

Lisa Lohan has officially stripped for Playboy. Thank goodness...the suspense has been killing me about what her naked body looks like. Oh wait...I've seen it like 10 times by accident. Because she's modest like that.

I understand that addictions are addictions and maybe it's harder to stop smoking crack and being a raging alcoholic than the average person thinks. But it is not hard to stop being naked in public.

It's pretty simple really. You just don't take your clothes off for cameras. And you certainly don't do it for money. And when you say it out loud like that it sure does sound a lot like prostitution. But in this case it's more like the lazy girl's prostitution because she's not actually doing any work. As if she could sound any worse on paper...

I know she probably needs the money. Let's be real, $100,000 bail is hard to come by when you haven't had a real job since your late teens (Herbie Fully Loaded...anyone?). And lawyer fees add up when you've been to jail 3 or more times. But enough is enough Lindsey!


In any other case I would use the old sarcastic adage, "Oh I bet her mother is just so proud."

But in this case I can't, because you know somewhere outside of the Playboy Mansion Dina Lohan is laughing all the way to the bank counting her precious monies.

I really do feel sorry for Lindsey. She clearly has major problems. I do not, however, feel sorry enough to buy her issue of Playboy for two reasons. 1) I like the men. 2) After seeing the decayed condition of her teeth in recent court appearances, I don't dare to even think what sort of personal hygiene offenses she's hiding underneath her clothes.

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