October 13, 2011

Diveats - Nigella's Sexy Porkchops with "Cream" and "Hard Cider"

For the past two nights, I've made this recipe by Nigella Lawson. It was delicious, although it did not make me feel like an uber-curvy alabaster British beauty like Nigella, as I had originally hoped.

Probably because instead of using hard cider and cream, I used apple juice and skim milk. But as I always say, Why add fat and calories when it is not needed!? (Side note: I never say that).

These are the only ingredients I need for the meat besides the actual meat. Pretty cheap and easy, no?

Btw, how freaking good is apple juice!? I usually don't like to drink my calories unless mama's gonna get her buzz on, but for apple juice I will make an exception.

I thoroughly enjoyed following Nigella's directions to beat the pork chops "briefly but brutally". I also thoroughly enjoyed the help of a big strong man! (Note the arm hair).

I served it one night with rice and asparagus.

And the next night with orzo and stewed apples.

I will definitely be making pork chops more often because in addition to allegedly being "the other white meat" they are also cheap as hell. I got 4 chops for $6 at the local Teet last week. Booya!!

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  1. Try sprinkling your porkchops with rosemary and then sauteing them in mango juice. So yummy.