October 25, 2011


I finally saw Bridesmaids. It was awesome and very funny, as promised.

However, one thing that everyone failed to mention is that it's also very sad. Like, borderline Dramedy classification sad. The way Jon Hamm treated Kristen Wig's character made me so mad and sad. Guys like that definitely exist in real life. And no girl deserves that :(

Nonetheless, I loved it. And would gladly watch it again and again. I think Kristen Wig is so beautiful and talented and has awesome comedic timing. All the characters were great. With the exception of one scene. The one where the incredibly large, incredibly intense pseudo-lesbian bridesmaid takes a poop in the sink.

It turns out that the only sophisticated thing about me is that I really really really hate poop jokes. And poop scenes. Same with throw up. Can't watch it, can't hear about it, and can't even pretend to think it's funny.

Other than that though I basically have no class and I'm ok with it. Just don't tell me a joke about dookie.

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  1. Are you also going to provide a review of the Oscar worthy Monte Carlo!??!