October 25, 2011

A Baby's a'Comin

Have y’all seen these recent pics of Jessica Simpson (click here for link to pics)? Even though she still isn’t confirming that she’s pregnant, if she isn’t than homegirl just ate the biggest burrito that Texas has to offer…like 45 days in a row.

The real ass kicker about this story is that she’s allegedly shopping around her big pregnancy reveal for $500,000. After seeing these pictures, if anyone actually decides to pay that much to reveal the most obvious news of the Fall season, that’s just fine, because clearly they just don’t need that $500,000 and are looking for a quick way to get rid of it.

I’m so happy for ya Jess! But let’s call a spade a 2nd trimester spade here and let the cat out of the bag. That cat being the fact that you are really, really, really pregnant.

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