October 13, 2011

Same Gay Stones

I have been watching the Real World: San Diego this season (don’t ask me why, it’s not good at all), and I have noticed a few glaring contradictions in one of the characters.

In last night’s episode, for example, Zach (aka Thor) basically freaks the freak out when Frank brings home a dude and has sex with him…all over the house.

All opinions about sexual orientation (and hot tub sanitation) aside, if I were Zach I probably wouldn’t go on and on about how gross gay sex is, while wearing a face mask, with shaved legs, talking about how I wanted to adopt a pig, push it around in a stroller, and essentially carry it around in a baby bjorn. That just seems a little contradictory.

For instance, I wouldn’t criticize the token lesbian Sam for bringing a girl home, if I were doing so while tossing around a field hockey ball, jamming to the Indigo Girls, and playing with my armpit hair.

My advice to Zach, either be more open minded or, if you are going to throw stones, don’t be the exact same as the stone.

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