November 18, 2010

Meat me later

Inspired by a bright red leather couch this morning, I started to think about using leather products and eating meat, and whether or not that's ok.

I for one am a meat-eating, fabric oblivious non-vegan. However, I don't wear fur because I think it feels gross and makes me feel like my coat is going to hop off my chest.

But when it comes to leather fabrics, I just firmly believe that that red cow was good and dead by the time someone walked into Rooms to Go to buy it. And I sure as hell didn't order a cow slaughtered for my $15 Gap leather belt.

Basically what I'm saying is that I don't believe one person can make a difference. Sure, maybe when championing civil rights or starting a war. But definitely not when it comes to industry.

Unless you introduce a new product or system of manufacturing (Steve Jobs or Henry Ford), you can't UN-invent something that the masses already buy. Herego, you cannot make a change backwards.

And no one wants to hang around that assbag who goes around slapping burgers out of people's mouths and throwing paint on their rabbit fur vests.

Moral of the story, don't try to start a one-man revolution against animal products. You will annoy people, ruin coats they bought with their hard-earned money, and likely start to smell wierd from lack of iron.

Do you divas out there believe in wearing fur, using leather, and eating meat??

This message is soooooo NOT approved and definitely NOT paid for by PETA.


  1. One person may not be able to change a whole industry right away but one person can absolutely make a difference!

    Look at social media - like FB and Twitter - one person can instantly tell 1000s of people about something and that only starts the web of information. Even if just one of those people changes their behavior - it makes a difference to "the man".

    As someone who runs grassroots campaigns I see everyday how powerful one voice can be! One person tells their friends, or one news story comes out about the treatment of animals in a factory and it can change behavior. Or the worst - you drive by a truck carrying 100s of cages of chickens on a highway in GA and realize for yourself that there is no humanity there.

    I will leave you with this tale: a woman I know who works in the beauty industry told me that some of her clients who have just moved to the US experience hair growth in places they never before had such growth. There could be a couple causes for this but her research tells her it's the hormones in the meat we eat. EWW.

    I haven't totally stopped eating meat - but I am extremely picky about what meat I do consume. Leather may be next off my list!

    Awareness and education are key.

    As I learned from a summer camp song "It only takes a spark to get a fire going."

  2. Sorry for the length Mamacita but I'm really passionate about this.