November 05, 2010


My life partner's Birthday is on Monday and instead of a cake, he asked for homemade Great Harvest style cookies.

If you haven't tried the cookies from Great Harvest you are stupid...and probably a lot skinnier than me.

I was surprised to find out that the recipe is online! I was even more surprised to discover that the recipe calls for 0 teaspoons of vanilla! Instead, it calls for molasses.

Curious, no? I've never used molasses and it doesn't smell very good.

But the cookies were delish. I made one batch regular, for you freaks with peanut allergies. And one batch with walnuts.

If you ask me the walnuts make the cookie. Walnutetter is always better.

They tasted 400% better than they looked with my camera phone.
This is the recipe I used. I highly recommend it!

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