November 05, 2010

So, anyway

I know I have bitched about this before (here), but I have to reiterate how painfully wrong it is to start every sentence with "so".

But guess what? "So" just got a new bff. His name is "anyway" and I hate him.

I have a knew woman in my life who annoys me in almost every way possible, but mostly in how she starts and ends sentences.

Without fail, it starts with "so".

"So, I road the bus today..."

And, always always, ends with "anyway". "So, I road the bus today. Blah blah blah blah. Aaaanway."

My theory on "anyway" is that she finally starts to realize her story is pointless and awful and decides to wrap it up with some grammatical murder.

I know I am guilty of doing a million things wrong, but I pray that assaulting the English language isn't one of them.
"So" and "anyway" are like a chunky necklace with a bright bedazzled shirt. Just unnecessary!!!!


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  2. Hey Kelly! My email address is I'd love to see what info you have for readers! Thanks!