November 05, 2010

Cookie Monster

As I was making the luscious cookies below last night, I had a flashback.

I remembered the meanest thing anyone ever said to me about 10 years ago.

"I bet you are going to be the type of mom that doesn't let her kids lick the spoons with the cookie dough batter."

At the time I was highly offended and insisted that I would indeed let my kids lick.

But honestly, these days with all of the mad cow, swine flu, foreclosures, and avian bird flu floating around, I probably wouldn't let my kid eat a batter containing raw eggs.

Does that make me the meanest hypothetical mom in the culdesac?

Well, while that's not ideal, don't come crying to be when your kid has the runs from salmonella and my lil' freaks are enjoying some raw vegan "cookie" bites.

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