November 08, 2010

Random Task

Get it? He was Random Task in a certain movie...know which one?

Back to the subject of employment, I have to elaborate on the summer my husband worked at a Hungarian restaurant.

The year was 2006. After roadtrippin' it to CO where I was to change the world as a Housekeeper/Waitress/Milkshake maker at a Dude Ranch in Durango for a summer, my husband (let's call him G Star) drove to Austin, TX and lived with his friends for a few months.

Phone use was limited at the prison ranch where I worked, so I don't think I even knew G Star was looking for a job. So, you can imagine my surprise when I get a call from him one evening saying he had found a job...AS A JANITOR!

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a janitor, but when you just graduated from a top public university with a college degree and the whole world in front of you, there kinda is.

And I'm talking straight up toilet-cleaning, floor-scrubbing, trash-collecting janitor. This lasted for all of a day and a half before he ended up drowning his sorrows in Lone Star Beer, lamenting his blue collar status, and turning in his badge all before 6am his second day.

At that point he stepped up his game, became a sous-chef at a Hungarian restaurant for the remaining 3 weeks of his tenure in Austin, and made at least enough money for gas to pick me back up in Durango.

I only bring this up because 1) It's hilarious, and 2) When I am worth of millions of dollars and am too good to talk to you, remind me that one day I was a housekeeper and my husband was a janitor.

Also of note, in one semester of college alone my dad had the following jobs (and he ended up alright):

1) Line cook at McDonald's (with "management potential")
2) A cab driver
3) Gas station attendant (where, if my memory serves me correctly, he actually talked someone out of robbing the store)

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