November 12, 2010

The Mc'Rib' is back

McDonald's is really trying to sensualize the McRib this time around.

Check out their latest commercial here.

You know what's not sensual? The actual McRib.

I saw a special on TV once about the McRib and it turns out it's not even made of rib meat!

In fact, there are no ribs in it at all. It's just grounded up miscellaneous meat that is processed and pressed into the shape of a set of ribs.

Go to this website here if you want to see the "deconstruction" of the McRib.

It looks more like a brain than a rib!

In more hilarious news, this reminded me of this epic clip from The Osbournes back in 2002.

"Huuuuugh! The McRib is back!"


  1. I have literally ALWAYS wondered how you could eat a sandwich full of bones. This is clearing a lot of things up for me.

  2. I shouldn't publicly admit this but the commercial makes me want to try one. However, I will not actually do that.